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Testimonials and Feedbacks
“If we look at the way accounting is learned, most is through oral [teaching]. Now in the computer era … the use of computers in accounting education is important since computers are widely used for its speed and efficiency. Given that computer has become an every day-used tool at the work place, it will be very beneficial if such practices can be initiated from schools. Use of computers in universities [accounting education], is useful for learning experience and development of expertise for the work place…

Learning through practical exercises and training [using simulation in GenerReS and ASSET series] is far superior and effective than learning through the traditional method we used to adopt before…. Students get to experience right away.”

Dato’ Abdul Halim Mohyddin (2003)
Vice-President & Chairman of Education and Training Committee
(presently President)
Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)

“This computer based packaged, together with its manual meant for the purpose of teaching and learning accounting in both Bahasa Melayu and English is the first of its kind in Malaysia…

In today’s business environment, timely and accurate information is crucial in managing a business efficiently and effectively. Almost all business use computers to produce accounting information. Hence it is vital that accounting students be exposed to a computerized accounting system regardless of whether they are in schools or studying at institutions of higher learning.”

Abdul Jabbar Abdul Majid (1999)
Past President MICPA
“I believe this is a first [effort in developing software] on financial statements preparation in the Asia Pacific region that is endorsed by [an accounting professional body] the Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants.”
Prof Dr Nik Musapha Raja Abdullah (2003)
Faculty of Economics and Management
(presently Vice-Chancellor, Development)
Universiti Putra Malaysia
“This is a new [software] program … We feel honoured that the Accounting and Finance Department UPM is the first institution of higher learning to use this [GenerReS] program. We could see that students were more eager to learn and try from previously when we used the manual system only.”
Professor Dr Mohamad Ali Abdul Hamid (2004)
Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Economics and Management
Universiti Putra Malaysia
“The reason why I use this [GenerReS] courseware is because the teaching and learning of accounting is aligned to accounting practice. Professional accounting bodies like IFAC have urged the use of computer be integrated into school….

Therefore I feel that in using [the software] …, the accounting curriculum of the faculty has become more relevant, and, that is important to the accounting profession.”

Noraiza Che Awang (2003)
Faculty of Accounting
Universiti Teknologi MARA
“Compared to previously when we used the manual approach in teaching [of accounting], the main advantage of the computer-based system … is that firstly, students can be introduced to computerised accounting system something that is widely used currently and secondly, to enhance students’ understanding of accounting.”
Md Noor Hisham (2004)
Lecturer, Department of Accounting and Finance
Faculty of Economics and Management
Universiti Putra Malaysia
“I have attended training session [on simulation package] … In my opinion as a teacher directly involved in the teaching of Principles of Accounting subject at the SPM level, the time has come for the students to be exposed [to the simulation] package.”
School Teacher (2003)
“I agree that the ASSET software is suitable to be used in school … I am ready to use it in my class … Students should be exposed to the software.”
School Teachers (1994-2004)
Ministry of Education survey
“The GenerReS software has tremendously helped make the preparation of financial statements easy for my friends and I … With GenerReS, we can use ourselves, without lecturer or instructor because all the instructions and guide to using it are found within the package. I recommend this package be used at schools or matriculation level so that students there will be more prepared in the preparation of financial statements … when they proceed to universities, it will be easier.”
Accounting Student (2003)
Universiti Putra Malaysia
“Learning through the software is more fun … This software should be used in school.”
Post PMR (High School) Students (2002)
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